Actionable Software Composition Analysis

Reduce Open Source security and 法律 risk by targeting the most critical threats.
Across 100s of apps in a week.

According to Gartner, over 90% of organizations use open source components within their software which introduces security, 法律, and obsolescence risks.

With the average software application depending on over 500 open source components, this translates into thousands and thousands of components to manage across the typical enterprise application portfolio. Even if an organization is using an automated SCA product to analyze the risks, the sheer number of security vulnerabilities and licensing risks reported quickly becomes overwhelming. Where does the organization focus its limited resources to address the most critical risks?

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Software Composition Analysis Portfolio Assessment


把突出 automatically identifies open source risks across the entire portfolio and prioritizes the most critical vulnerabilities to address first.

With 把突出 you can:


Pinpoint the most critical open source risks.

Automatically detect all open source frameworks and 3rd party components from a proprietary knowledgebase of 90 million+ components. Use the unique Open Source Safety score to prioritize remediation efforts across entire portfolios and focus on the most business critical applications first.

Open Source Safety score

Detect Common Vulnerabilities & 曝光.

Automatically identify all CVEs that pose security risks at the portfolio and application levels. Analyze severity and business impact to prioritize remediation efforts and act on the most critical threats first.

Detect Common Vulnerabilities & 曝光

Detect Common Weakness Enumerations.

Expand security risk insight coverage by identifying CWEs that represent possible future vulnerabilities that have not yet been reported officially as CVEs. Automatically detect CWEs via CAST’s exclusive Open Source Software Intelligence Database (OSSIDB) and structural code quality technology that analyzes the most popular OSS components.

Detect Common Weakness Enumerations

Prevent Technology Obsolescence.

Instantly detect which applications use obsolete component versions that require upgrades and get recommendations on safer versions to use.

Prevent technology obsolescence


Detect open source vulnerability and license risks buried in dependent components that your open source components use. Get insights on how to remove these harder to find threats.


Visually Explore Large Numbers of Components.

Analyze complex applications that use numerous components more easily using data visualization. Explore and filter open source risks, 依赖关系, and priorities especially when analyzing hundreds or thousands of components.

OSS Dependency Explorer

Where an open source expert could spend weeks prioritizing remediation efforts across an enterprise application portfolio, 把突出 automatically prioritizes the most critical open source risks and recommends where to focus efforts in a matter of days.

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